What the Schools Forum does, information about its members, and meeting dates.

What the Forum does

The Schools Forum is a statutory body comprising mainly of headteachers and governors from Bristol. It usually meets once a (new) term and is independent of Bristol City Council, but supported by it.

It considers proposals drawn up by the council to allocate the Dedicated Schools Grant (DSG). This is received by Bristol City Council from the the Department for Education and is earmarked for education funding in Bristol.

Currently the DSG is principally allocated through the use of the formula. Any changes to this formula, and any additional specific funding proposed by the council must be approved by the Schools Forum. This accounts for approximately 70% of the total funds spent on education in Bristol each year.

In order to undertake its role of dialogue with the council, the Forum is also interested in how our budget for education is spent, to ensure that it understands the wider picture as well. It will be seeking to understand the financial implications of various initiatives, such as:

  • The inclusion programme of placing special schools alongside secondary schools
  • The creation of further academy schools.

Because of its role to consider local authority proposals, the Schools Forum is unable to champion' any individual causes, but is always interested to be advised of issues.


The Schools Forum draws representatives from schools, governors and non-school members.

  • Chair: Steve Hornsby
  • Vice Chair: Simon Eakins
  • Clerk: Claudette Campbell

Bristol Schools Forum has 26 members compromising the following:

School members

  • Secondary: 2 academy heads, 2 academy governors, 1 of either maintained head or governor
  • Primary: 5 of either academy heads or governors, 2 maintained heads and 2 maintained governors
  • Special: 1 maintained head or governor and 1 academy head or governor
  • Nursery: 1 headteacher, 1 governor
  • PRU: 1 headteacher and 1 governor

Non-school members

PVI Early Years (1), Diocese of Bristol Board of Education (1) Diocese of Clifton Board of Education (1), recognised teaching professional associations (1), support staff representative (1), Post 16 Providers (1).


All meetings are open to the public.

See dates for Bristol Schools Forum meetings Go to https://democracy.bristol.gov.uk/ieListMeetings.aspx?CommitteeId=481 (opens new window)

Contact the Clerk for more details via:

Email: claudette.campbell@bristol.gov.uk 

Post: Democratic Services (CH), Bristol City Council, PO Box 3399, Bristol, BS1 9NE