Education information, guidance and resources for Bristol young people in care, Bristol care leavers and the professionals involved with their education.

Extra education support for children in care

The HOPE Virtual School helps Bristol children in care and care leavers do the best they can in their education. The HOPE also provides information and guidance about previously looked after children at a Bristol education setting.

The HOPE website has information about supporting children and young people in care with their education for carers, young people, social care staff and education settings.

About The HOPE Virtual School

Personal Education Plans

Information about Personal Education Plans (PEPs) and PEP forms.

Education funding

Information about Pupil Premium funding, the 16 to 19 Bursary Fund and Pupil Premium Plus.

Information for young people

Information for carers

Information for social care staff

Information for schools and education settings

Previously looked after children

Information for: