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Topic-specific Health Needs Assessments (HNA) for the health of adults, children and young people.

Health Needs Assessment is a systematic approach to understanding the needs of a population. Alongside public health data it considers social, economic, cultural and behavioural factors that influence health. It's used to provide intelligence and inform decision making on the planning and deploying of resources to address the health priorities of local populations.

Our HNA reports provide a more detailed understanding of the data and population needs in selected topics.

Health Needs Assessments: from 2020 onwards

pdf Bristol Family Hubs Needs Assessment 2023 (1.23 MB)

This report identifies the levels of need required by children and families living in Bristol. It addresses how those most in need can be supported through the Start for Life and Family Hubs Programme in order to reduce inequalities and ensure that all children have the best start in life.

pdf Tobacco Control Health Needs Assessment 2023 (2.90 MB)

This report provides an analysis of smoking prevalence in Bristol and the impact it has upon health. It identifies the key issues around smoking cessation and tobacco control and highlights a number of recommendations to reduce prevalence and improve health outcomes.

pdf People Living in Vehicles in Bristol Health Needs Assessment 2023 (1.20 MB)

This report analyses the health needs of people living in vehicles in Bristol. Drawing on a range of data and information sources, the report concludes with areas identified for action to improve health outcomes. 

pdf Women's Health in Bristol Health Needs Assessment 2023 (2.50 MB)

This report aims to understand the health needs of women in Bristol and builds a comprehensive view of women's health needs in Bristol. It recognises current initiatives with regards to women's health and identifies any gaps and make recommendations for future work.

pdf Domestic Abuse Needs Assessment 2022 (2.77 MB)

This report provides an assessment of the needs of the population of Bristol in relation to domestic abuse. It helps to determine the level of need for support within safe accommodation for Bristol and provides a summary of learning and recommendations.

Further information is available on Bristol Domestic Abuse Safe Accommodation Strategy and Needs Assessment.

pdf HIV Health Needs Assessment 2020 (1.49 MB)

This report reviews national and local HIV data and outlines current HIV services. It summarises the latest evidence around prevention and treatment of HIV and explores the views of stakeholders in order to determine the key issues and recommendations for action to address HIV in Bristol.

pdf People Experiencing Homelessness in Bristol Health Needs Analysis 2022 (1.43 MB)

This report analyses the health needs of people experiencing homelessness in Bristol who are rough sleeping or in emergency or temporary accommodation. Drawing on a range of data and information sources, the report concludes with recommendations for improvement and action.

Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA)

PNAs identify the existing services in the area on a pharmaceutical list and map and compare the level of provision with the demand of local people.

pdf The Maternity Health Equity Audit 2021 (2.84 MB)

The Health Equity Audit (HEA) identifies mothers and babies living in Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire (BNSSG) with the poorest pregnancy and birth outcomes, in order to target resources to best meet their needs and reduce health inequalities.

pdf South West England Oral Health Needs Assessment Summary 2021 (344 KB)

Oral Health Needs Assessment for the South West of England.

Health Needs Assessments: before 2020

pdf Musculoskeletal (MSK) Health Needs Assessment for Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire (BNSSG) (1.25 MB)

This report seeks to provide analysis from a Public Health perspective to paint a picture of the current musculoskeletal landscape to inform future musculoskeletal commissioning and service provision.

folder Prison Health and Social Care Needs Assessment

NHS England (Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire) commissioned this assessment for HMP Bristol in 2015. It will help agree priorities and allocate resources to improve healthcare and reduce inequalities.

We regularly update the data on JSNA Data Profiles. If you need more information on Health Needs Assessments email