Internal audit

Internal audit

Responsibilities, aims and contact details for internal audit.

We look at our internal systems and procedures to check that we have an effective internal control framework in place to manage the risks we face when we provide services.  We also consider whether resources are being used efficiently. We:

  • focus on  activities that are high risk
  • investigate cases of suspected irregularity, fraud and corruption
  • tell management, members and the Mayor where the risk management, internal control and governance framework  can be strengthened.

Aims of Internal Audit

We aim to:

  • assure management, members and the Mayor on the soundness and effectiveness of our internal control and governance framework
  • safeguard the public interest and ensure openness and accountability
  • provide a professional and high quality Internal Audit Service in line with;
    • Public Sector Internal Audit Standards
    • Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA)

CIPFA is a professional institute for accountants who work in the management of public money.

Reporting fraud

If you suspect anyone is defrauding the council, visit our Reporting fraud page, or call our fraud hotline: 0117 922 2470

To report benefit fraud visit:

How to contact us

Phone: 0117 922 2514
Fax: 0117 922 2041