Spending over £500

Spending over £500

Monthly reports of items or services bought by us that cost over £500.

We publish this information to be open about our spending and to improve access to our data.

Spending over £500 reports














What the reports show

Each report shows:

  • supplier name
  • amount
  • description of what was bought
  • purchasing department
  • payment date
  • transaction number

The amounts shown exclude VAT.

Where payments under £500 appear in a report, this is either because once the VAT element is included the total is more than £500, or because an invoice for more than £500 has been broken down to reflect different items of purchase which could also include credits such as discounts. Payments made using purchase cards are presented as a separate report.

The reports do not include:

  • banking investments
  • salaries
  • refunds
  • member allowances
  • employee remuneration payments
  • benefits and homelessness payments

Individual's names are not shown and are replaced with the word "redacted".

Report format

We publish the report in CSV format. You can copy the information into a spreadsheet or database.

This information is free to reuse under the Open Government Licence and in line with the data.gov.uk Code of Conduct.

Further information

Requests for more details about this information will be responded to as a freedom of information request.

Make a freedom of information request

Tenders and contracts

See our tenders and contracts for items or services on data.gov.uk

What the report shows

The report shows:

  • supplier name
  • the estimated value
  • description of what was tendered or awarded to contract
  • start and end date for when the items or service will be supplied