What Gold Sustainable Food City status means and how you can take part.

Bristol was awarded Gold Sustainable Food City status in May 2021 by the UK's independent, Sustainable Food Places Board.

This followed Bristol's city-wide Going for Gold campaign, which launched in spring 2019.

Bristol was awarded Gold for of our innovative approach and continuing commitment to:

  • reduce food waste
  • grow the city's good food movement
  • address food inequality
  • increase urban food growing 
  • improve catering and procurement
  • tackle the impacts of our food system on public health, nature, and climate change

Throughout the Bristol Going for Gold campaign we've been working with:

Next steps

As a Gold Sustainable Food City we will continue to work with people, organisations and policy makers across the city to take action to improve the way we grow, buy and eat food in Bristol.

Go to the Bristol Good Food 2030 website 

How you can take part 

To take part, visit Bristol's Good Food 2030 Website:

  1. Go to the Join in page to find useful resources to help you share your contribution to Bristol's Good Food movement.

  2. Go to the Events and Stories pages to find out what is happening on food across the city and get inspiration about good food actions you can take.