What it's like to foster a Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) child and what skills and qualities you'll need to be a good foster carer for them.

Most children in care in Bristol who are from a Black or minority ethnic group background have one or both parents of African-Caribbean or African heritage.

Approximately one in three children we look after comes from a Black or minority ethnic background, as opposed to only one in five of our foster carers. This means that although we always try, we can't always match a child with a family from the same culture.

All fostered children from Black and minority ethnic backgrounds need support to:

  • learn about their cultural heritage
  • practise their chosen religion
  • maintain links with their community
  • understand and deal with potential racism or discrimination

As well as preparation and support from your supervising social worker and the child's social worker, we give all carers:

  • a comprehensive guide to caring for a child of a different ethnicity
  • buddies from the Black and minority ethnic fostering community, who can help with questions on things like hair, skin care and food, or religious and cultural practices
  • access to a specialist support group

What skills you need to foster a child from a different cultural background

To be a good foster carer of a child from a different culture, you all the same skills as other foster carers, and to:

  • value and respect the child's cultural identity, heritage and past experiences
  • help the child maintain links with their community
  • be willing to learn, research and look for support on specific needs they might have, such as hair care and skin products
  • support their religious needs, for example by taking them to a place of worship, and giving them time and space for prayer
  • create a familiar routine around food and other cultural practices

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