Poisoning, car safety, fire safety for gypsies and travellers, air pollution, noise complaints, dog issues and pest control.



Most people are careful with tablets they get on prescription from their doctor but other medicines that you can buy can be harmful, such as:

  • aspirin and paracetamol
  • vitamins 

Some medicines  have child proof caps but children can sometimes undo them.   Keep all medication and tablets out of reach.

Cleaning products

Cleaning products can be dangerous.  Keep bleach, toilet cleaners, washing powders and spray cleaners out of reach.

Burns and Scalds

Hot drinks are the main cause of scalds in the under 5s. Unplug and store safely irons, hair straighteners and kettles after use.

Car Safety

Children under the age of 12 or 135cms tall need to have the correct car seat. Laws are there for safety.

The rules about child car seats Go to https://www.gov.uk/child-car-seats-the-rules (opens new window)

Fire safety

Avon Fire and Rescue Service can do a  home fire safety visit and fit smoke alarms for free. Book a home fire safety visit Go to https://avonfire.gov.uk/our-services/home-fire-safety-visits (opens new window) or call 0800 1693 999 (Non-emergency visit)

Fire safety for gypsies and travellers Go to https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/fire-safety-for-gypsies-and-travellers (opens new window)

Air pollution, noise complaints, dog issues and pest control

Find out about and report:

Call: 0117 922 2500