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What to do if you have a noise problem near your home or at work, which you can't sort out yourself.

Noise problems

Before you report a noise problem to us, try to talk to the person responsible. 

They may not realise they're causing a problem or the impact this is having on you. 

If you would like some help with talking with the person responsible, you can get support from Resolve West, an independent Bristol charity

Their services are confidential, impartial and free to council tenants.

If this doesn't sort out the problem then we might be able to help.

We can only investigate a noise complaint if:

  • the noise happens regularly
  • you've filled in a 14 day noise diary

We can't investigate:

  • one off complaints
  • noise that's happening now, unless it's from a burglar alarm or car alarm

Download a 14-day  document noise diary (35 KB) to fill in. There's a different noise diary to fill in if you're document reporting noise from a busker or street performer (37 KB) .

To report a persistent alarm, ring 0117 922 2500.

We can investigate noise from:

  • noisy neighbours, like loud music, shouting or DIY at night
  • burglar and car alarms
  • animals, like barking dogs or crowing cockerels
  • building sites
  • equipment in a commercial property
  • pubs and clubs
  • deliveries or waste collections at a commercial property
  • buskers or street performers

We can't investigate:

  • if you don't know where the noise is coming from
  • everyday household noise, such as footsteps, doors closing, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, children playing, babies crying or talking
  • traffic, aircraft or railway noise
  • noise from outdoor sports
  • noise in the street, such as vehicles left running, car stereos, shouting or car horns

Report a noise problem online

If you're a council tenant, you can call 0117 922 2200.

Noise at work

If you have a noise issue at work, talk to your employer, they may be able to help you. If this doesn't help, contact our health and safety team on 0117 922 2500 or email health.safety@bristol.gov.uk.

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