Help with home repairs

Help with private home repairs or improvements

If you’re a homeowner or private landlord you could get a low cost loan to make general repairs or energy efficiency improvements.

Repair loans

The loans cover repairs such as roof repair, tackling damp problems, large electrical and plumbing work, rotten window replacement, structural work, and any other work needed to make your home safe to live in.

We run these loans in partnership with Wessex Home Loans and WE Care and Repair. Watch a video that explains how the service works on our youtube channel.

How to apply
Visit We Care and Repair.

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Energy loans

We also offer energy loans to homeowners and private landlords to improve the energy efficiency of their property. This can include work to boilers and heating systems and loft, cavity and solid wall insulation.

How to apply
Visit Warm Up Bristol.

You can also: