Rent and service charges

Rent and service charges

Rent and service charges are calculated according to the type of home you live in and the services you receive.

We review rent and service charges every year and we will give you 28 days’ notice of any changes to your rent and service charges.

How we set your rent

The rent you pay is set according to a national formula and is calculated, based on the number of bedrooms in your home and the valuation of your property (as at 1999 values). 

Rent increases

Rents are set following the Rent Policy and Standard set by Central Government.  For four years (2016 to 2019) annual rents were reduced by 1% every year. 

The Government changed the rent setting policy from 1 April 2020 allowing local authorities the ability to increase rents by up to 2.7% (CPI plus 1%). 

Bristol City Council took the decision to increase rents by 2.7% from the 7 April 2020.  This allows us to invest in new homes, improve existing homes and services. 

Service Charges

You may have to pay service charges, if you have communal facilities or some specific services. Some charges are based on the size of your property or level of service that you receive.

If you would like more information on service charges contact using the online rents enquiry form.