Rent and service charges

Rent and service charges

Rent and service charges are calculated according to the type of home you live in and the services you receive.

We increase rent and service charges every year. We'll give you 28 days notice of any changes to your rent and service charges.

How we set your rent

  • The rent you pay is set according to a national formula.
  • The formula is the same for both council and housing association tenants. It allows a target rent to be sent for each property.
  • Individual rents will reach their target level by 2015 to 2016. Known as rent restructuring the aim is to reduce the difference between council and housing association rent levels. This is so that in the long term, tenants pay similar rents for similar properties in the same area.
  • The rent of your home is calculated individually, based on a formula set out in the guidelines. It takes into account:
    • average earnings for the Bristol area
    • number of bedrooms in your home
    • valuation of your home (at 1999 values)

Rent increases

  • As the changes in rents are being made over a number of years, any change (up or down) will be gradual.
  • To avoid large rent increases, government policy is that in a given year your rent cannot go up by more than the retail price index (RPI) plus 0.5% plus £2.
  • Once target rents are reached increases will be limited to RPI plus 0.5%.

Service charges

You may have to pay service charges. Some charges are based on the size of your property or level of service that you receive.

Weekly service charge costs


  • Band one: £6.50
  • Band two: £8.84
  • Band three: £10.16

Cleaning of communal areas at Supported Housing for Older People schemes: £3.25

Laundry: £1.69 


  • Door assisted: £5.94
  • Non door assisted: £4.83

Clorius heating prepayment charge 

  • Bedsit: £8.68
  • One bedroom property: £9.03
  • Two bedroom property: £11.46
  • Three bedroom property: £11.68
  • Four bedroom property: £11.94

Clorius heating service charge 

  • Bed sit: £0.95
  • One bedroom property: £1.09
  • Two bedroom property: £1.38 
  • Three bedroom property: £1.66
  • Four bedroom property: £1.94 

Concessionary heating charge 

  • One bedroom property: £10.46
  • Two bedroom property: £11.93

Concessionary heating service charge 

  • One bedroom property: £1.08 
  • Two bedroom property: £1.37 

Digital TV and communal aerial service charge: 91p.

How we set service charges

  • The weekly charge is set at a rate that pays for the cost of the service provided.
  • To work out how much you have to pay, we divide the total cost of providing the service by the number of tenants who receive that service.
  • Housing benefit can help pay for some service charges.

Service charge increases

The government allows landlords to increase service charges by inflation plus 0.5% each year.

Garage charges

There are four garage charges. See garages and parking for more information.

Charges for the support to older people service

  • If you receive a Housing Support Adviser or emergency alarm service there are four charges. These depend on the level of support you receive.
  • If you are entitled to housing benefit you will not need to pay a charge, as this will be covered by the supporting people grant. For more information on the charges please see supported housing for older people schemes.

Check your rent balance and other housing charges

You can sign up for a Bristol Account and see your rent balance, contents insurance, supporting people charges and other payments online at any time.