Report someone living in a bed in a shed

Report someone renting a shed, garage or garden shelter to live in

What a ‘bed in a shed’ is, how to tell us about someone paying to live in one, what we’ll do after you tell us

What a ‘bed in a shed’ is

A ‘bed in shed’ is a shed, garage, or shelter, typically in the garden of a property, that someone is paying to live in, that may not have planning permission or building control approval or doesn’t meet the basic legal standards for rental accommodation. For example, it might not:

  • have adequate facilities, such as running water or toilets
  • be big enough for the number of people living there

The person or people living there could also be vulnerable or at risk.

Tell us about someone renting a bed in a shed

If you’re concerned about someone renting a bed in a shed, you should tell us about it:

You don’t have to give us your details. 

What happens after you tell us

We’ll investigate and may take action against the landlord if:

  • the accommodation doesn’t meet basic standards, so that they make improvements 
  • the accommodation doesn’t have planning permission  

We don’t aim to make anyone homeless. 

What to do if you’re living in a bed in a shed

If you’re living in a ‘bed in a shed’ you can: