Vary a property licence

Make a change to a property licence

What changes you need to tell us about, how to tell us, what happens after you tell us.

You must tell us if there’s a change to any of the information on your property licence.

Depending on the change, you’ll need to:

  • ask us to update your existing licence (vary a licence)
  • cancel (revoke) your existing licence and apply for a new one

Vary a property licence

You can vary a property licence if:

  • your address changes 
  • your name changes, for example if you get married or divorced
  • the number of occupiers in the property changes
  • the number of households in the property changes
  • you want to remove a licence holder from the licence, if there’s more than one licence holder

There’s no fee to vary your licence.

Apply to vary your licence

You’ll need to tell us:

  • the property address
  • what change you want to make to the licence

It’s helpful if you can tell us the property’s Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN). You can find this on My Neighbourhood Search.

After you apply

We may need to inspect your property. We’ll contact you to arrange this.

We’ll consider your application and send you and any other licences holders and interested parties either a:

  • proposal to vary the licence
  • proposal to refuse to vary the licence, for example if you want to increase the number of occupiers and the property isn’t suitable.

You’ll all have 14 days to make a comment on or object to the proposal.

If there are comments or objections, we’ll consider whether to uphold them. 

If we don’t uphold them and vary or refuse to vary the licence as proposed, you and the other licence holders or interested parties will have 28 days to appeal to the First Tier Tribunal.

Add or change licence holders

If you need to add a licence holder to your property licence or change the licence holders, you’ll need to:

If you sell your property

You need to tell us if you sell your property so we can revoke your licence. 

If the new owner intends to let out the property, they’ll need to apply for a new licence. The existing licence can’t be transferred to the new owner.

Revoke your licence

You’ll need to tell us the property address. It’s helpful if you can tell us the property’s Unique Property Reference Number. You can find this on My Neighbourhood Search.