Property licensing declarations

Property licensing declarations

I confirm that the proposed licence holder and/or proposed manager:

  1. do not have any unspent convictions particularly in respect of any offence involving fraud or other dishonesty, or violence or drugs, or any offence listed in Schedule 3, of Sexual Offences Act 2003 (offences attracting notification requirements);
  2. have not been found guilty by any court or tribunal of practising unlawful discrimination on grounds of sex, colour, race ethnic or
    national origins or disability in, or in connection with, the carrying on of any business:
  3. have not had any judgements (whether civil or criminal) against me under housing, environmental health, public health or landlord and
    tenant law;
  4. have not acted otherwise than in accordance with any applicable code of practice approved under section 233 of the Housing Act 2004;
  5. has not been subject to a banning order under the Housing and Planning Act 2016

And to the best of my knowledge 1 to 5 above do not apply to anyone the proposed licence holder and/or manager is associated with
whether on a personal, work or other basis (includes husband, wife, colleague, business partner and employees).

Please give details if the proposed licence holder/manager/person(s) have:

  • been in control of any property subject to a Control Order under S379 of the Housing Act 1985 or Demolition Order in the last 5 years
  • been in control of a property that has been subject to the service of an Improvement Notice, a Prohibition Order, a Hazard Awareness
    Notice, or Emergency Remedial Action under the Housing Act 2004;
  • been refused a licence or had a licence revoked for any property in relation to a property under the Housing Act 2004 (includes
    additional and selective licensing schemes);
  • been found to have breached a condition of a licence for any property under the Housing Act 2004 (includes additional and selective licensing schemes);
  • been in control of any property, which has subsequently been the subject of an Interim or Final Management Order or Special Interim Management Order under the Housing Act 2004;
  • been served a financial penalty under section 249 of the Housing Act 2004

I declare that to the best of my knowledge the proposed manager has obtained Fit and Proper person declarations for all other people involved in the management of the property and that any positive declarations will be provided in the next seven days.

I declare that I have written to or emailed all the people who have a legal interest in the property and that these are the only people known to me/us that are required to be informed that I have made this application.

I confirm that the managers and licence holders agree in principle to be bound to the restrictions and obligations in the licence.

I understand that any manager(s) and licence holder(s) will:

  • have legal responsibilities and could be liable to prosecution if there were contraventions of the licence conditions;
  • have an opportunity to make representations on the conditions when the proposed licence is issued;
  • manage the property in accordance with the West of England Management code and that for Mandatory and Additional licences a points system for non-compliance with licensing requirements applies.

I accept that in connection with the checking of the accuracy of this declaration that the local authority will share this information with other statutory bodies, particularly other local authorities and the police.

I confirm that if I am not the licence holder I have written authority to sign this form on behalf of the proposed licence holder and manager in relation to this application.

I declare that the information contained in this application is correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that I commit an offence if I supply any information to a local housing authority in connection with any of their functions under any of parts 1 to 4 of the Housing Act 2004 that is false or misleading and which I know is false or misleading or am/are reckless as to whether it is false or misleading.

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