Register of licensed properties

To find a property’s landlord or managing agent you can try our register of licensed properties.

The register only includes properties that are licensed under the Housing Act 2004. 

A property should be licensed under the Housing Act 2004 if it:

  • has three storeys or more (including cellars, attics, basements, mezzanine floors and loft conversions) and 
  • is occupied by five or more people from two or more households
  • has tenants who share facilities such as kitchen, bathroom or laundry

As well as this, most other rented properties in the Stapleton Road area and in the Eastville and St George West licencing areas  need a licence.

For more information on this licence see our rented property licensing page.

The register includes:

  • names and addresses of a property’s landlord and any managing agents 
  • permitted number of occupiers

View the register 

There are three ways to access the register: 

  • view a short version of the register online
  • contact us for the details of up to three properties 
  • get a hard copy of all, or just of parts of, the register

Short online register

The short online version of the property register has addresses, property and licence types for the licenced properties.

View the shortened property licence register (spreadsheet, 762k) (opens new window) .

Contact us for the details of up to three properties

This option is only available for individuals and not companies.

Email with:

  • the correct addresses for the properties
  • how you'd like to get the details, by post or by email

Get a hard copy of all, or just parts, of the register

This option is available for companies or individuals.

You must book an appointment to come to the office to identify which part or parts of the register you require, and you will be given a certified copy of this.

An officer will be with you while you view the register and you can take photographs or notes.

You'll also need to come to the office if you want a copy of the entire register.  


There is a charge of £94.97 for this service. 

You can either pay online or by cheque.

Pay online

  1. Go to the online payments page 
  2. Select ‘Property Licensing Fees’
  3. Select ‘Mandatory HMO Licence Fees’
  4. In the Reference Number box enter 123456789012
  5. Enter your own address, email address and card details (these will not be shared with anyone)
  6. When you receive confirmation of payment, forward this to with a covering email

Pay by cheque

Cheques should be made payable to Bristol City Council and sent with a covering letter to:
Luke Spanton
Private Housing (100TS)
Bristol City Council
PO Box 3176