One Tree Per Child

One Tree Per Child

Volunteer to help us plant trees or have your say on where we plant trees.

We're running our summer maintenance programme where we visit sites across Bristol where we have planted trees to weed, prune, water and mulch the trees to ensure their successful establishment.

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One Tree Per Child plants trees in schools, parks and open spaces.

All the trees, tools and equipment we use is sponsored by our partners.

We’ve planted 60,000 trees since 2014 and we continue to plant over 6,000 trees per year. We’re creating plans to show you how we’re going to do this and we’ll share them with you here so that you can comment.

We beat our first target of 36,000 trees as part of the European Green Capital year in  2015. This represented one tree for each of Bristol’s primary school students. Find out how we did this on the Bristol 247 website.

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Arrange for us to visit your school

We can deliver school assemblies and storytelling sessions, covering a range of tree-based topics.

We can also send a tree expert to teach children about trees. If you don’t have spare land to plant trees, we’ll organise somewhere for the session to take place.

If you’d like us to visit your school, email

This season's tree planting

Daisy Field

This plan proposes to extend the existing orchard area with 20 new fruit trees, using local varieties.

View the:

Manor Woods Valley

This plan proposes to create a new area of woodland in the dry valley at the Vale Lane entrance to the park.

View the:

Ridgeway Playing Fields

This plan proposes to create several new areas of woodland in Ridgeway Playing Fields with the aim of connecting the woodland along the Railway Path to Coombe Brook Nature Reserve to the east.

View the:

Rodney Road Playing Fields

This plan proposes to improve the biodiveristy and interest of this piece of amenity grassland by adding a small area of woodland and an orchard.

View the: 

Trym Valley Open Space

This plan proposes to create several new areas of tree planting in Trym Valley Open Space.

View the:

How to comment

You can comment on our draft tree planting plans by:

Where we're planting trees

Tree planting will begin again in November.

Contact us at if you want to get involved.

Annual reports

These annual reports contain the tree planting details and locations for each year: