What a property agent is, what legislation they must comply with, how to make a complaint or resolve a dispute with a property agent.

What a property agent is

A property agent can be:

  • an estate agent
  • a letting agent
  • a property management agent

Legislation property agents must comply with

Property agents must comply with certain legislation, including, but not limited to:

If a property agent doesn't comply with the law, they can face:

  • a financial penalty (fine)
  • enforcement action, including prosecution
  • prohibition from engaging in estate agency work

Make a complaint about a property agent

If you want to make a complaint about a property agent, you should contact them first. They should have their own complaints procedure in place to deal with your issue.

Citizen's Advice have some useful tips on how to complain about: 

Make a complaint to the redress scheme

If your property agent doesn't resolve your complaint, you can contact one of these two redress schemes:

All estate agents who deal with residential property must belong to one of these schemes. To find out which scheme your property agent belongs to, search for them on: 

For letting agency and property management work, the requirements to join a redress scheme vary depending on where you live in the UK. Find more information on what applies to your area from your local trading standards service.

Your property agent doesn't belong to a redress scheme 

Your property agent may not be a member of a redress scheme, because:

  • they don't have to be a member, for example, they don't deal with residential property, or
  • they're trading illegally, in breach of their legal obligation to belong to a redress scheme 

If your property agent isn't a member of a redress scheme, there may be other organisations and trade associations that can help you.  

You can: 

Resolve a dispute with a property agent 

If you need to resolve a dispute with a property agent, you could use Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).
ADR is a way of resolving disputes without going to court, for example, mediation.

For more information on ADR, visit:

Report a property agent

If you want to report a property agent, you can:

Contact the housing or environmental health teams of your local authority to report issues around:

  • property disrepair
  • harassment
  • illegal eviction
  • property licensing issues

Inform NTSELAT of any issues

We welcome all information about trading practices in the property agency industry. Contact us to let us know of any issues you have.

However, we do not: 

  • give consumer advice about individual cases 
  • become involved with disputes or complaints against businesses

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