Building regulations

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Check if you need building regulations approval

Find out if you need approval before you construct or change buildings

Make a building regulations application

Make a full plans application, submit your building notice or apply for a regularisation certificate

Pay building regulation fees and invoices

How to pay your building regulation fee or site inspection fee invoice

Book a site inspection

To make sure your building works comply with building regulations, you must give us notice when your work reaches a particular stage, we’ll then carry out an inspection

Get copies of building regulations documents and history

How to get copies of documents or a written planning history and how much it costs.

Report a dangerous structure

How to report dangerous structures including buildings, parts of buildings, garden walls and hoardings

Demolition of buildings

If you plan to demolish a building or part of a building, you must let us know, giving us at least six weeks’ notice

Report a breach of building regulations

If you think you know about a breach of building regulations, you can let us know

Guidance and approved documents

Guidance on meeting building regulation requirements and information on the partner authority scheme