Local Plan

Local Plan

The Local Plan includes policies for deciding planning applications in Bristol.

We're now working on an update to the Bristol Local Plan.

The consultation on the local plan review has now closed.
There will be another consultation in March 2019.
For more information see our Local Plan review page.

The plan is made up of these documents:

You can look at an interactive Local Plan policies map. You can search by address or select locations on the map to see what policies apply to them.  

Some areas have neighbourhood development plans, which include other policies for deciding planning applications.

You can also look at supplementary documents, practice notes and other planning guidance that we use to help make decisions on planning applications.

The Government has changed how technical standards are set. Read about the new technical standards at GOV.UK. This means we’re using some of our Local Plan policies in a different way. To find out how we’re using the policies now, read Government's Housing Standards Review: Operation of Bristol Local Plan policies (pdf, 710KB) (opens new window) .

Local Development Scheme

The Local Development Scheme (pdf, 98KB) (opens new window) explains what policy documents are part of the Local Plan and when they’ll be written.