Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA)

Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA)

Pharmaceutical Needs Assessments (PNAs) provide an up to date statement of the needs of the local population for pharmaceutical (or chemist) services.

PNAs identify the existing services in the area on a pharmaceutical list and map and compare the level of provision with the demand of local people.


Supplementary statements

This document lists:

  • Pharmacies participating in the specialist medicines enhanced service
  • Core list of specialist medicines to be held by all pharmacies 


Our duty

We have a statutory responsibility to assess the needs for pharmaceutical services in Bristol.

The 2015 findings were approved by the Bristol Health and Wellbeing Board on 26 Feb 2015.

Identifying priorities

The PNA assesses how well existing services meet the health needs of the people of Bristol for essential pharmaceutical services. 

It must identify gaps and highlight priorities for future developments.

Informing decisions

It will be used by the NHS England Local Area Team to inform decisions on future pharmaceutical commissioning intentions and when they consider applications for new or relocated premises. 

The NHS Bristol Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and Bristol City Council may also use it when determining needs to commission services that might be provided by local pharmaceutical services.

The PNA consultation process

The PNA was open for public consultation from 5 Aug 2014 to 14 Nov 2014.