Get help with renting out your property

Get help with renting out your property

We can help you find tenants and give advice and support for renting out your property

How we can help

If you’d like help renting out your property, we can offer a stress free service to find you a suitable tenant.

Why choose us?

  • We offer a rent guarantee
  • We won't charge you a penny
  • We'll offer you a free property inspection so we can make sure your property complies with rental regulations, such as health and safety
  • We’ll give you a free inventory. This is a detailed checklist of the contents and condition of your property before you let it out.
  • We'll give you a free tenancy agreement. This is the legal document that shows the tenant's and your responsibilities.
  • We'll pay for an electrical certificate
  • We'll make sure any Housing Benefit is paid directly to you
  • We'll give you free legal advice on tenancy issues and good letting practice
  • We may be able to refund your property licence fee

We also run the Bristol Syrian Resettlement Scheme which can give you guaranteed monthly rent payments.

Get help to rent out your property

If you're interested in letting your property, contact us and we'll get back to you.

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What happens next

Step one

We'll contact you to talk about the property that you have to let. We'll look at what you want from a tenant and if our scheme will suit you.

Step two

We'll visit the property to:

  • check your safety certificates
  • look at the general condition of your property, including the furniture and fittings
  • talk to you about your responsibilities as a landlord

Step three

We'll introduce you to a potential tenant.

Step four

If you're happy with the tenant we'll get them signed up to a tenancy agreement with you.

We can join you at the tenancy sign-up and we can help the tenant complete a Housing Benefit application if it's needed.

Step five

We'll give you:

  • full written details of the agreed bond
  • your detailed inventory
  • legal information about the tenancy
  • a copy of the tenancy agreement
  • helpful information sheets for maintaining the tenancy

These documents will either be given to you when you sign up or shortly afterwards.

Type of tenancy 

The tenancy can start off as a 6 or 12 month fixed term tenancy. This means that you'll have the right to end the tenancy after the fixed term.

If you or the tenant don't give notice to end the tenancy, it can continue and become an assured shorthold tenancy. This means that any notice to end the tenancy will be one month from the tenant, and two months from yourself.

Type of properties we work with

We can help you let any property as long as it is in Bristol, and the council tax bill is payable to the council.

Properties are especially needed for single people, couples and families, who need help finding accommodation.

Contact information

Private Renting Team (100TS)

Bristol City Council

PO Box 3399

Bristol, BS1 9NE


Tel: 0117 352 6888