How to pay your council tax and what to do if you're having difficulty paying.

Council tax scams

There have been reports of council tax scams across the UK. 

If you get a phone call, email or text message offering a council tax refund or a council tax band reassessment, this is a scam. Do not give the caller or sender any personal information, including your bank account or debit or credit card details.

We may contact you by phone, email or text message to tell you that a payment is due or overdue, but we will never ask for your bank details. If we need to check these details, we'll always write you a letter.

If you think you've had a scam call or message, phone us on 0117 922 2900.

To pay your council tax you can set up a direct debit, make a payment online or find other ways to pay that suit you. 

You can check your online account to see what you owe.