Information on what courses are available and how to book a place.

Who can book this training

You can book a place if you work for:

  • a Bristol school
  • an independent voluntary care provider organisation

Courses include first aid, health and safety, safeguarding, and role or profession-specific training. 

The pdf training courses catalogue (661 KB)  has specific details of who can attend each course, for example managers, staff, practitioners.

How to book a place on a course

You work for an external organisation or a school

Book a place

using our online booking form.

You work for Bristol City Council

If you work for Bristol City Council, you need to book your training on Employee Self Service (ESS).

Book on ESS 

This does not include schools staff. If you work for a school, use our online booking form.

You can't find the right course

If you can't find the course you're looking for, check what courses we're planning to run and register your interest.

If you have questions, contact the relevant Training Administrator. You can find their details in the Course Information catalogue.


Charges per person are:

  • £33 for a half day course
  • £66 for a one-day course
  • multiples of £66 for multi-day courses
  • as stated in the Course details where applicable

We can make whole course bookings for first aid courses, for up to 12 participants. We can deliver these courses in your workplace or at our training facility.

Charges for these courses are:

  • £250 for a half day course
  • £400 for a full day course
  • an additional fee of £50 for the training to be delivered from our training facility

Charges if you don't attend

If you confirm a place on a course but do not attend, you'll have to pay the full cost of your place.

If you need to cancel your place on a course, email us at least five working days before the date of your course.

One of your colleagues can attend the course in your place, with no additional charge. You don't need to let us know in advance.

Bespoke training

To discuss bespoke training within your own organisation, email