We use parking restrictions to keep traffic moving.

Central Bristol

Central Bristol is Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ), where every street has some type of parking restriction at some times. These include:

  • Pay & Display bays where you can stay for 1, 2 or 4 hours depending on where you are

  • double yellow lines where you can’t park

  • single yellow lines where you can only park at some times; check the signs when you park

  • kerb flashes showing loading restrictions

Residents parking

The area around the outside of the CPZ is divided into Residents’ Parking Schemes where parking is also restricted. 

Other areas

In the rest of the Bristol City Council area, parking restrictions are mostly on main roads and bus routes to keep traffic moving at busy times, as well as near local shopping areas to provide parking for shops. Restrictions in residential areas make schools, junctions and crossings safer.

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