How community organisations are taking over the management of the Jacob's Wells Baths building.

In early 2017 we invited expressions of interest from not for private profit organisations and social enterprises to take over the management of this historic central Bristol building.

The deadline was 3 July 2017 and our Selection Panel met during July and September 2017 to assess the four proposals that were received. 

The Panel selected the proposals by Fusion Lifestyle and this recommendation has now been ratified by the Council.

At its 4 December meeting, the Council's Cabinet approved the transfer to Fusion. This will be in the form of a 35 year lease at a peppercorn rent and a service agreement.

Fusion will now take over the responsibility for restoring the building and will bring it back into use as a swimming pool, leisure centre, dance and arts venue, and community centre.

Handover to Fusion took place in October 2018, to enable them to carry out the detailed surveys and structural investigations that are needed before a planning application can be submitted. The building is expected to be fully restored and open for use within four years.

The Council would like to thank the local community, Artspace Lifespace, Vivid Regeneration and other partners for their help and support throughout the asset transfer process.

Further details about the asset transfer process and our wonderful local partners can be found below.

Feedback: Technical workshop

As part of the Community Asset Transfer ('CAT') process we held a technical workshop for prospective bidders and partners on 3 May 2017.

This was designed to give anyone considering formally expressing an interest an opportunity to ask questions of the various council departments, the surveyor and partner organisations.

Notes of the workshop are on the Jacobs Wells Community Hub website.

Feedback: public information event 

We organised an information event for the Jacobs Wells Baths building on 28 February 2017.

This was attended by more than 70 people interested in the future of the Baths, including some of the previous and existing users of the building.

Notes of the meeting are available at the Jacobs Wells Community Hub website.

Background to the Jacobs Wells Baths building

The building is Grade II listed.

The baths closed in the late 1970s and were converted in 1981 into a community managed dance centre, which closed in 2016. 

The building has been used on a temporary basis by Artspace Lifespace for dance, music, art and community activities.

Our local partners:

Building details

You can see plans of the building by using the 2015 planning application.

For the history of the building visit the Jacob Wells Community Hub.