Depending on the work you're doing you might need to get planning permission or building regulation approval, or both

It's your responsibility to find out what permissions, approvals and consents may be needed.

Planning permission

You'll probably need planning permission if you want to:

  • build something new
  • make a major change, like building an extension
  • change the use of your building

We also have specific rules for Bristol that might affect whether you need planning permission.

Find out if your proposal needs planning permission.

Building regulation approval

You need building regulation approval to check the work you're doing reaches certain safety and energy efficiency standards. 

Building regulations apply to most building work so it's important to know when approval is needed.

You probably need building regulation approval for:

  • a new building
  • an extension
  • a loft-conversion
  • alterations to the structure of the building
  • home improvements like a new boiler, radiators, bathroom, fuse box, electric, windows, doors, and roofing

Find out if you need building regulations approval.

Listed building consent

Special consent is needed for any work on a listed building.

Find out more about listed building consent on the Planning Portal.

Tree Protection

If your work affects any trees, you must check whether the tree is protected.

Find out more about tree protection.

Other permissions

You should also check the following permission before you start work:

  • covenants and private rights
  • rights of way
  • ancient monuments
  • protected species
  • the party wall
  • other licences

Find out about other permission you may need on the Planning Portal.

Once you know you need approval

Make a planning application

Make a building regulations application