What you need to include in your application and costs.

We're currently experiencing waits before applications will be allocated to a case officer.

We appreciate your patience with our staff during this time.

Apply for planning permission

at the Planning Portal.

You may also need to make a building regulations application.

Publishing your personal details

Information provided on the application form and accompanying drawings and documents will be made available online. This will include your name and address.

We'll remove your signature, email address and telephone number before publishing your application.

It may be possible for your name and address to be browsed through internet browsers and search engines.

Other ways to apply

You can apply by post. You can get an application form from the Planning Portal website. Send your application to Development Management, City Hall, Bristol City Council, PO Box 3399, Bristol, BS1 9NE

You need to send us two copies of each plan and drawing.

What to include when you make a planning application

You must include:

  • signed and dated application form, including relevant certificate of ownership
  • site location plan
  • site layout plan
  • planning fee, or documentation to show why you are exempt from the fee
  • plans and drawings

For information on how to present your plans, including what scale to use, look at the pdf plans and drawings guidance document (1.32 MB) .

You can send your supporting documents in PDF format or on CD.

If you've submitted your application electronically, don't send us paper copies. For some applications we might need to have paper copies of the plans, and we may ask you to provide a set of plans.

If you need to pay Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL), you'll need to send us the CIL question form, which you can download from the Planning Portal website.

Local list of planning application requirements

You may also need to include other documents with your application.

Look at our pdf local list of planning application requirements (2.10 MB)  and pdf site illustration guidance (51 KB) .

Find guidance on Employment and Skills Plans on the Building Bristol website.

We also have guidance to help you make sure your development meets the requirements of the Local Plan.

Ownership certificates

You must fill out an ownership certificate. Certificates are included in the application form.

When you download your form from the Planning Portal, there will also be help text. Look at this to find out which certificate to fill out.

If you aren't the sole owner of the land, or if there are agricultural tenants, you'll need to serve or publish a notice:

Check the help text for information on which notice to use.

Design and Access Statement

You'll need to include a Design and Access Statement if you're applying for:

  • a major development
  • a development of one or more houses in a conservation area
  • a development of at least 100 square metres in a conservation area
  • listed building consent

You don't need to include a Design and Access Statement if you're applying for:

  • waste development
  • engineering or mining operations
  • a change of use

Find out what should be included in a Design and Access Statement at GOV.UK.

Register a new address

Find more information on how to register for a new address or make an amendment to an address.

Privacy statement

Read our privacy statement and our pdf Development Management: planning and enforcement privacy notice (125 KB) to see what we do with your personal information.

Approach to requesting and negotiating amendments to planning applications

We have introduced guidance that sets out our approach to negotiating amendments to planning applications and the steps that will be followed in communicating with planning agents or applicants.

For planning applications submitted following a planning enforcement investigation, refer to our pdf Local Enforcement Plan (274 KB) .