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Current waiting times for planning applications, what we'll prioritise and what's caused the backlog.

Last updated: 9 February 2024

We are working hard to reduce the current backlog of planning applications as fast as possible.

If you do not currently have a planning officer assigned to your case, the assessment of your planning application can still move forward. We'll still launch consultations with neighbours and receive comments while waiting for an officer to be assigned.

Once your case is allocated an officer, you will receive an automatic notification by email.

Current waiting times

Current waiting times for planning applications.
Type of applicationCurrently allocating applications to case officers validated inAllocation time of application to case officer if submitted this week

Major applications

(10+ dwellings or 100sqm+)

December 2023 to February 2024 4 to 6 weeks

Minor or other applications

(1 to 9 dwellings or under 100sqm)

September 2023 to December 2023 8 to 10 weeks

Householder applications

(Extensions or amendments to existing single dwellings)

November 2023 to January 2024 8 to 10 weeks

We recommend that you check what comments have been received once the consultation period has finished and make sure each point has been fully addressed in your application. 

You can track progress of individual planning applications using Planning Online.

What happens next

Once allocated, an officer will be in touch to discuss any applications that cannot be approved as they stand but can be made acceptable once reasonable, minor amendments have been made.

Be aware that there's only pdf one chance for amendments for schemes which are acceptable in principle (215 KB) .

Where proposals are deemed unacceptable, we will give clear reasons for refusal on decision notices.

Make sure your application meets our policies so we can approve it.

Find help and guidance about what we expect of applications.  

What we will prioritise

We will prioritise applications that have significant public interest or specific urgent medical or social needs.

Where schemes are straightforward and have not received any objections, progress may be faster as these can also be handled by more junior officers.

Otherwise, we'll process schemes in chronological order. 

We expect decision time to improve by Spring 2024.

Read our update to the Growth and Regeneration Commission meeting Committee of 27 November 2023 for more information on what caused the backlog.