Advice for larger proposals and information on our planning protocol.

A major development is a scheme with 10 or more residential units or 1000 square metres of commercial floor space.

Design Reviews

A Design Review is an effective means of early consultation and is best undertaken in the pre-application period.

Before you make a submission for a major scheme in Bristol should apply for a Design Review.

Planning performance agreements (PPAs)

PPAs are a tool for project managing large developments. They set out a way of working that is agreed between us, the developer and the local community. PPAs also outline key dates in the planning process.

There are more details about PPAs in The Bristol Planning Protocol.

For more information, look at the  pdf pre application advice for planning applications document. (265 KB)

The Bristol Planning Protocol

We worked with GWE Business West, the Bristol Property Agents Association and the Neighbourhood Planning Network to produce pdf The Bristol Planning Protocol (3.39 MB) .

The protocol sets out what we'll do and what developers will do during the process of dealing with larger planning applications. This will help us carry out sustainable, accessible and viable development in Bristol.

West of England Planning Toolkit

We worked with other West of England councils and the Local Enterprise Partnership to create the pdf West of England Planning Toolkit (2.07 MB) . The toolkit promotes a positive and consistent approach to handling large scale development proposals.

Guidance for meeting the Local Plan

We have guidance to help you make sure your development meets the requirements of the Local Plan:

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