Ask for formal advice before you make a planning or listed building application.

We'll give you advice on:

  • whether officers will support your development

  • what policies we'll assess your proposal against

  • who to engage in the local community

  • what information you'll need to make your application

  • the processes involved in making an application

For more information, look at the pdf Pre-application advice for planning applications document (265 KB)  .

Advice we can't provide

We can't provide the service for smaller developments such as householder applications or applications for a single change of use, unless your proposal affects a listed building.

Our planning documents, practice notes and other planning guidance page will help you design your proposal to comply with relevant policies.

Submit a pre-application advice request form

Pre-application advice request form

Pre-application advice requests must be submitted online.

What you'll need to upload to the form

You'll need to upload a plan that shows the site or building outlined in red. The plan must show adjoining streets, land and properties including street names and numbers.

It's also useful to upload:

  • an annotated block plan, to an appropriate scale, showing the relationship of the development site and proposal to existing buildings and adjoining properties/boundaries
  • an annotated sketch plan and/or illustrations of the development proposals
  • good quality photographs of the site and adjoining buildings to show the site and its immediate context
  • a planning or design statement describing the proposals

We may ask you to send these documents at a later date if your development is on a large scale.

What it costs

The cost depends on the scale of your proposal. We have a pdf charging schedule (148 KB)  . VAT is charged at 20%.

Pay online through our secure website.

Call us on 0117 922 3000

If you call us you'll need to know the amount you need to pay.

How long it takes

We'll respond to you within 30 working days.

If your proposal is more complex, we'll let you know if it will take us longer to respond.