Get your child's name added to a waiting list and how long the waiting list is kept for.

If you don't get a place at your preferred school you can indicate  on the Parent Portal Go to (opens new window) that you want your child to be added to the waiting list for that school.

If you want your child to be added to a waiting list you must:

  • tick the box that says 'hold this place while I pursue waiting list and appeal options'
  • tick the box to indicate the school you want your child to be on the waiting list for

If you ask to go on a waiting list for your preferred school your original place offer will be held for you until an offer can be made for a higher preference school.

Waiting lists

Waiting lists will be available  from 15 May 2023. 

Call 117 903 7694  for details of which Bristol Schools hold their own waiting lists.

For schools in other council areas,  contact the council where the school is based.

Schools will keep a waiting list at least one term until 31 December 2023.