What to do when you have a new reception primary school place offer and when you need to do it.

Reply to reception primary school place offer

On the  16 April 2024 you'll get an offer of a reception primary school place for your child.

If you're not offered a place at one of your preferred schools you'll be offered a place at an alternative school with an available place.

You must reply by 30 April 2024 when receiving an offer. The offer may be withdrawn if you don't confirm your acceptance.

Applied online

If you applied online you'll get an email with a link to log in to the Parent Portal Go to https://parent.bristol.gov.uk/web/portal/pages/parents/admissions (opens new window).  When you have logged on you should either:

  • accept the place  by placing a tick in the accept' box, before clicking send response
  • not accept the place and ask to go on a waiting list for a school that you applied for but did not get offered a place
  • not accept the place and request an appeal for your preferred school
  • not accept the place and tell us that the place is no longer needed for example if your child will be attending an independent school
  • not accept the place and request new school preferences, all changes must be made in writing preferably by email to your home council*

*If you live in Bristol and made an online application you can change your preference or preference order on the Parent Portal or email school.admissions@bristol.gov.uk confirming your preferences, you need to tell us your first, second and third preference.

Once changes have been made to your application you can view them in the Parent Portal. Due to the high volume of responses received changes may not appear in the portal until after 30 April 2024.  

You cannot view the outcome of your application in the portal before receiving an email or letter notifying the decision made.

Applied by post 

If you applied by post your offer letter will include a form to indicate what you want to do which you must fill in and return.