How to apply for 50+ Housing and where the schemes are.

What is 50+ Housing?

50+ Housing are homes where preference is given to people who are 50 or over. 

Households with children under 18 will not be considered for these properties, but not all members of the household have to be over 50. People over 50 with adult children still at home or those with younger partners, can still be considered.

50+ Housing is mainly one or two bedroom flats. There are also some bungalows.

Each site is different, but many have parking, communal gardens, a laundry and security such as door entry systems and fencing. Some sites also have community rooms. Accommodation is self contained, each having their own front door, kitchen, bathroom, living room, double bedroom or in some cases two bedrooms and central heating.

These homes have been selected for people over 50, as they're suitable for older peoples needs. This may mean they are close to shops and amenities, or have lift access to all floors. If there is no lift the building will usually only have two floors.

Apply for 50+ Housing

If you're interested in this type of accommodation you'll need to complete a Home Choice Bristol online application form

You can only bid (be considered) for 50+ Housing by completing this form and having your application assessed.

The HomeChoice Bristol website shows what properties are available. To indicate that the property is 50+ Housing there will be a 50+ icon (symbol) next to it.

Location of schemes

Please see our pdf list of 50+ schemes (103 KB) , which sets out where our 92 schemes are located. For information about each of the schemes please see:

Why choose 50+ Housing?

50+ Housing may be particularly suitable if:

  • You would prefer to have neighbours who are a similar age to yourself.
  • You want to move to smaller accommodation which is easier to look after.

50+ Housing is different to supported housing for older people schemes (sheltered housing). Supported housing is especially designed for older people. Whilst allowing people to remain independent, access is available to emergency support 24 hours a day.

Bristol Careline

Regardless of age or health there may be times when you might want to summon help. For example, if you are feeling unwell. In this case you may benefit from Bristol Careline.

The service consists of a fixed button unit and a pendent that you can carry around with you. You can use this to summon help 24 hours a day. The service is chargeable.

Mobility scooters

If you have a mobility scooter you must make your own arrangements to store and charge it. You must not store them in communal areas including landings, lifts, foyers, stairwells, walkways and community rooms.

This is because they can present a risk to other tenants in the event of a fire. To discuss alternative storage arrangements please contact the Estate Management Service on 0117 922 2200 (Option four).