What is extra care housing

Extra care housing, sometimes known as assisted living, is for older people with care and support needs who want to be active and independent.

Our one or two bedroom extra care housing (ECH)  flats, houses and bungalows are part of complexes with public spaces that may include:

  • restaurant
  • activity room
  • lunch club
  • hairdressers
  • shop

These areas can also be used by local older people.

Every extra care accommodation has an alarm linked to a 24-hour control centre.

Other services available at an extra cost include:

  • personal care, such as washing or dressing
  • domestic help, such as laundry and housework
  • meals

With the Extra Care scheme can rent, buy or part-buy, on your own or as a couple, your own flat, house or bungalow.

You will:

  • have your own front door
  • the right level of care and support for you when you need it, seven days a week, 24 hours a day
  • the chance to be part of a community and take part in activities and interests
  • be surrounded by friends and neighbours as well as extra care housing staff
Who can live in extra care housing

Extra care housing accommodation is for people over:

  • 65 years old
  • 55 years old who are disabled, have learning difficulties or mental health issues
How to get a place

You should first decide if you want to rent, buy or part-buy.

We encourage home owners or people with savings to buy, or part-buy, although many properties are rented.  If you want to buy, or part-buy, you should contact the housing provider directly.

Some properties for shared ownership are also advertised through Home Choice Bristol. There are further options on our retirement housing to buy page. 

To start your application for rental, you should visit the schemes before applying to help you decide which is best for you. Then youll need to contact us using the Care Direct contact and referral form to request an assessment.

Youll then have a care and support assessment by a social worker to fully understand your needs. 

To be eligible you should have care and support needs of at least five hours a week. If you already receive care and support with Bristol City Council, this may not be necessary.

Once your application is agreed you will be added to the flat nomination list, which is prioritised by the level of your care and support needs. We will write to you confirming the schemes you have applied for.

Where you could live

We have pdf 13 ECH locations (914 KB)  , which we developed with six housing providers. You can visit them before deciding which one suits you best. Contact the partnership directly to arrange a visit.

All the schemes below have one or two bedroom flats to rent and some have flat to buy or part buy.

North and Central Bristol

Blaise Weston Court
Location: Broadlands Drive, Lawrence Weston
Opened: April 2008
Provider: Hanover Housing Association
No flats for sale.

Westbury Fields (Sommerville)
Location: Greystoke Avenue, Southmead
Opened: April 2004
Provider: St Monica Trust
Some flats available on a part buy, part rent basis in the wider village.

Ash Lea Court
Location: Lyddington Road, Monks Park
Opened: November 2009
Provider: Hanover Housing Association
Four flats for sale on a part buy, part rent basis.

Stoke Gifford Village (joint scheme with South Glos council)
Location: Coldharbour Lane, Stoke Gifford
Opened:  November 2018
Provider: Extra Care Charitable Trust
181 flats for sale or part buy

Hillside Court
Location: Meg Thatcher's Gardens, St George
Opened: June 2004
Provider: Housing 21
No flats for sale.

Colliers Gardens
Location: Delabere Avenue, Fishponds
Opened: January 2006
Provider: Brunelcare 
No flats for sale.

Lincoln Gardens
Location: Gaunts Ham Park, Lawrence Hill
Opened: April 2008
Provider: Guinness Trust 
No flats for sale.

South Bristol

Monica Wills House
Location: West Street, Bedminster
Opened: October 2006
Provider: St Monica Trust 
Some shared ownership and flats for sale.

Anchor House/Southlands
Location: Well's Road, Knowle
Opened: Southlands, Winter 2005, and Anchor House, Summer 2004
Provider: Guinness Trust
No flats for sale.

ABC Centre
Location: Chessington Avenue, Hengrove
Opened: Spring 2004
Housing Provider: Brunelcare
No flats for sale.

Waverley Gardens
Location: off Queens Road, Bishopsworth
Provider: Brunelcare 
Opened: September 2009. Extension opening Spring 2020.
10 flats for sale on a part buy, part rent basis. 10 more flats available in 2020.

Bluebell Gardens
Location: Hollway Road, Stockwood
Opened: June 2012
Provider: Housing 21 
Shared ownership available.

Haberfield House
Location: Hollway Road, Stockwood
Opened:  April 2019
Provider: Bristol Charities
No flats for sale


The cost

The costs are different based on your situation, which we'll find out about when we talk to you. We'll look at your income, savings and the likely cost of moving into extra care housing.

We'll also visit you to talk about the benefits you're entitled to and help you to claim them. These could include Attendance allowance, Disability Living Allowance, and Pension Credit.

You're responsible for your utilities bills such as gas and electricity, but if there's a charge for housing services related to the upkeep of the building, then these costs could be covered by your Housing Benefit. 

Some schemes have a wellbeing charge' which covers the staff responding to any unplanned requests for care and support.

In some locations you can pay for a hot mid-day meal and in other locations this is included in the price.

There may be extra costs for some activities.

You'll be financial assessed by us to determine what you contribute toward your care and support costs. See our what you may have to pay page for more information.

Who provides the care

Care is provided by an onsite care and support team who will work closely with the Council to provide your care and support. 

The care and support team will either work for the Extra Care Housing provider or for a partner care provider. There is always someone who can provide your planned care and respond to emergencies.

You can request that the care and support team can increase and decrease their support.  Sometimes you will need a social worker to assist with this. 


All our extra care housing schemes can provide a hot lunch. Most schemes have a restaurant, but some offer a reheated meal. You normally pay for meals individually, but they can be included in the rent at some locations. Care and support staff can also help you to cook your meal in your own kitchen or prepare it for you as part of your support.


Most properties have central heating and water included in the service charge. Some have meters for electricity, which you will be expected to pay. Most kitchens have a cooker and hob included, and some already have a fridge. 

There are washing machines you can use in the communal laundry, or a care worker can do this if it's part of your support plan or for an extra cost. 

You'll need to bring your own furniture and pay for things like phone, TV, internet charges and council tax.

How to complain or comment about your extra care housing

You should first speak to your ECH scheme manager about the issue.

If you're still not happy, complete our online form.