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Kingsweston Iron Bridge is a Grade II listed cast iron footbridge built in around 1800 that spans Kings Weston Road, linking Blaise Castle estate to Kingsweston Fields.

The footbridge closed in 2015 after a series of strikes by trucks made it unstable and unsafe. Since then, it has been secured and propped up by scaffolding, while a long-term solution was worked on that was sensitive to the footbridge's historic nature.


The long-term plan for Kingsweston Iron Bridge is to:

  • raise the structure up by just over a metre
  • add steps at either end
  • fully repair and restore the bridge

Work, carried out by heritage accredited contractors, to dismantle the bridge so it can be repaired off-site, will start on 27 November 2023.

It will take around 2 weeks to take the structure down and will mean Kings Weston Road will need to be closed throughout with a signposted diversion put in place.

The dismantled bridge will be transported to a workshop in Bristol where the paint from all the components will be removed to assess their condition.

If a part is beyond repair, it will be re-casted. All replacement parts will be cast on a like for like basis.

Work to the stone abutments, either end of the bridge, is due to start in 2024. This will include building them up by 1.074m and adding steps, ready for when the bridge is craned back in place in a raised position later in 2024.


While Kings Weston Road is closed from 27 November 2023 for around 2 weeks, you will need to follow the signposted diversion.

Diversion routes to follow while a section of Kings Weston Road is closed. The north-eastbound route goes along Kings Weston Road, to Henbury Road, to Falcondale Road, along Canford Lane on the A4162 and Dingle Road, to Sylvan Way, along Shirehampton Road, linking back up to Kings Weston Road. The south-westbound route goes down Kings Weston Road, to Sylvan Way, to Shirehampton Road, along Dingle Road to Canford Lane on the A4162, to Falcondale Road, then Henbury Road, along Station Road, to Avonmouth Way, to Hallen Road, linking back up to Kings Weston Road.


The £1.1 million restoration project is being funded by the council's Highway Infrastructure Bridge Investments fund.

How Kingsweston Iron Bridge was damaged

Kingsweston Iron Bridge received significant structural damage after being hit by a truck in 2015.

The east underside of the cast iron structure suffered major damage and loss of the lower rib to two arch beams.

A temporary scaffolding bridge support arrangement above the footbridge was installed to prevent the bridge from collapsing onto the road below.