In year admission

In year admission

How to move your child from the primary, infant, junior or secondary school they go to now to a different one.

Moving your child from their current school to another school happens outside of the normal admissions process.

You should speak to your current headteacher before deciding to change  your child's school, especially if your child is in secondary school where a move may disrupt their studies and exam results. 

Before you make an application we recommend you visit the school you want your child to go to and discuss a change of school with the Head Teacher. 

Read your preferred school(s) admissions policy on the school website for information about allocation of places, waiting lists and appeal procedure.

This will help you make an informed choice to see if the school is the most appropriate school for your child.

Apply to change  schools

The way that you apply depends on the school.

If the school processes their own in year applications (pdf, 159KB) (opens new window)  you need to contact them directly.

For schools where we process in year admissions (pdf, 196KB) (opens new window) you can apply below.

See our in year admissions cycle sheet (pdf, 191KB) (opens new window) for information on the admissions cycle for community schools/schools we process in year admissions for.

How to apply


Apply for in year admission

If you made an online school application before September 2018 you'll need to register again before making an application. This is because of a change in online provider.

Other ways to apply

Fill in and return our in year application form (word doc, 104KB) (opens new window) .

Complete the application form and return it to  the school

You can return the form to us by email to

Or you can post it to:

School Admissions
City Hall
Bristol City Council 
PO Box 3176

Requesting a school outside of Bristol

To make an in year application for a school outside of Bristol contact the local authority where the school is based.

When to apply

You can make an in year application at any time during the year, but it should be less than six school weeks before you want to move.  If your child is offered a school place, you should take it up as soon as possible. 

If you want your child to start at a different school at the beginning of the academic year in September, you can apply from June and during the school summer holidays.

If you're in the process of moving you'll need to provide documents to confirm your new address.

Find a school

Use your postcode to find the closest: