Primary admissions

Information on primary school admissions and appeals.

Applications can no longer be made on-line.

The submission date for applications for Reception Admission  in September 2017 closed on 15 January 2017.

Complete a paper application form and return it to School Admissions.

Your application will be processed after 16 April 2017.

You can now apply for reception school entry in September 2017 

You should only apply for a reception school place for September 2017 to Bristol City Council if you live in Bristol and pay your Council Tax to Bristol City Council.

If you want to apply to a school outside your local authority you should still apply to the local authority that you live in.

You can apply for any state school in England both in and outside your local area.

You can check your local authority on check your local council.

If your child was born between 1 September 2012 and 31 August 2013 you can apply for a new reception school entry place. Applications must be received by us by 15 January 2017.

See a map of primary schools in Bristol  (pdf, 1.1MB) (opens new window)

Online applications have now closed.

You can apply using our downloadable form (pdf, 327k) (opens new window)

Allocation statements and primary school appeal information

The following schools are full for admission to reception year group in September 2017.

Information on how places were allocated for Bristol, BANES and South Gloucestershire primary schools, and the appeals documents, are available below.

Bristol primary schools

Bristol allocation statements

Air Balloon Hill Primary (pdf, 148k) (opens new window)

Ashley Down Primary (pdf, 147k) (opens new window)

Bishop Road Primary (pdf, 148k) (opens new window)

Blaise Primary (pdf, 147k) (opens new window)

Brentry Primary (pdf, 149k) (opens new window)

Bridge Farm Primary (pdf, 41k) (opens new window)

Broomhill Infant School (pdf, 42k) (opens new window)

Brunel Field Primary School (pdf, 149k) (opens new window)

Cabot Primary (pdf, 147k) (opens new window)

Cathedral Primary (pdf, 332k) (opens new window)

Elmlea Infants (pdf, 147k) (opens new window)

Fair Furlong Primary (pdf, 41k) (opens new window)

Filton Avenue Primary School (pdf, 701k) (opens new window)

Fishponds Academy (pdf, 131k) (opens new window)

Henleaze Infants (pdf, 147k) (opens new window)

Hillcrest Primary (pdf, 41k) (opens new window)

Holymead Primary (pdf, 148k) (opens new window)

Horfield CofE VC Primary (pdf, 147k) (opens new window)

Ilminster Avenue E-Act Academy (pdf, 89k) (opens new window)

Knowle Park Primary (pdf, 41k) (opens new window)

Little Mead Primary Academy (pdf, 311k) (opens new window)

Oasis Academy New Oak (pdf, 13k) (opens new window)

Our Lady of the Rosary School (pdf, 154k) (opens new window)

Redfield Educate Together Primary Academy (pdf, 335k) (opens new window)

School of Christ the King (pdf, 112k) (opens new window)

Sea Mills Primary (pdf, 147k) (opens new window)

Sefton Park Infants (pdf, 147k) (opens new window)

Southville Primary School (pdf, 148k) (opens new window)

SS Peter and Paul Catholic Primary School (pdf, 66k) (opens new window)

St Anne's Infants (pdf, 42k) (opens new window)

St Barnabas CE Primary School (pdf, 148k) (opens new window)

St Bernadette Catholic Primary School (pdf, 163k) (opens new window)

St Bernard’s Catholic Primary (pdf, 314k) (opens new window)

St Johns CofE VC Primary (pdf, 150k) (opens new window)

St Joseph's Catholic Primary (pdf, 315k) (opens new window)

St Mary Redcliffe C of E VC Primary (pdf, 41k) (opens new window)

St Patrick's Catholic Primary (pdf, 500k) (opens new window)

St Peter's Church of England VC Primary (pdf, 41k) (opens new window)

St Ursula's E-Act Academy (pdf, 307k) (opens new window)

St. Teresa’s Catholic Primary (pdf, 240k) (opens new window)

St. Werburgh’s Primary Allocation Statement (pdf, 462k) (opens new window)

St. Werburgh’s Primary Appeal Proforma (pdf, 254k) (opens new window)

Steiner Academy Bristol (pdf, 209k) (opens new window)

Stoke Bishop Church of England Primary (pdf, 221k) (opens new window)

Victoria Park Primary (pdf, 41k) (opens new window)

Wansdyke Primary (pdf, 41k) (opens new window)

Waycroft Academy (pdf, 13k) (opens new window)

West Town Lane Academy (pdf, 21k) (opens new window)

Westbury Park Primary (pdf, 287k) (opens new window)

Westbury-on-Trym C of E Academy (pdf, 439k) (opens new window)

Whitehall Primary (pdf, 147k) (opens new window)

Bristol primary school appeal documents

Infant Class Size Appeal Guidance Notes 2017 (pdf, 187k) (opens new window)

Infant Class Size Appeal Proforma 2017 (pdf, 271k) (opens new window)

(pdf, 271k) (opens new window)

BANES primary schools

BANEs allocation documents

Chandag Infants (pdf, 44k) (opens new window)

Chew Magna Primary (pdf, 43k) (opens new window)

St John's C of E Primary

Saltford CE Primary (pdf, 62k) (opens new window)

St Keyna Primary (pdf, 44k) (opens new window)

BANES primary school appeal documents

BANES Infant Class Size Appeal Guidance Notes 2017 (pdf, 43k) (opens new window)

BANES Infant Class Size Appeal Proforma 2017 (pdf, 50k) (opens new window)

South Gloucestershire primary schools

South Gloucestershire allocation statements

Baileys Court Primary (pdf, 167k) (opens new window)

Beacon Rise Primary (pdf, 167k) (opens new window)

Blackhorse Primary (pdf, 167k) (opens new window)

Bradley Stoke Primary (pdf, 540k) (opens new window)

Bromley Heath Infant (pdf, 166k) (opens new window)

Charborough Road Primary (pdf, 532k) (opens new window)

Christ Church Infants (Downend) (pdf, 167k) (opens new window)

Christ Church Primary (Hanham) (pdf, 166k) (opens new window)

Emerson's Green Primary (pdf, 168k) (opens new window)

Filton Hill Primary (pdf, 537k) (opens new window)

Frenchay Primary (pdf, 166k) (opens new window)

Mangotsfield Primary (pdf, 166k) (opens new window)

Meadowbrook Primary (pdf, 526k) (opens new window)

Shield Road Primary (pdf, 166k) (opens new window)

St Stephens Infants (pdf, 166k) (opens new window)

Stanbridge Primary (pdf, 166k) (opens new window)

Staple Hill Primary (pdf, 166k) (opens new window)

Wallscourt Farm Academy (pdf, 312k) (opens new window)

South Gloucestershire primary schools appeals documents

South Gloucestershire Infant Class Size Appeal leaflet (pdf, 171k) (opens new window)

South Gloucestershire Appeal Proforma (pdf, 144k) (opens new window)

Waiting list for Reception year group starting in September 2017

Your right to appeal does not affect your right to go on the waiting list for any school that you applied for but did not get offered a place.  

The Admission Authority must keep a waiting list for at least one term until 31 December 2017. 

To find out your waiting list position for the following schools, contact the school directly.

St Bernadette Catholic Primary    
SS Peter and Paul Catholic Primary
Cathedral Primary School    
St Bernard's Catholic Primary    
St Teresa's Catholic Primary
School of Christ The King
St Joseph's Catholic Primary    
Steiner Academy Bristol
Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Primary        
Redfield Educate Together Academy
St Patrick's Catholic Primary    

Waiting lists for all other schools in Bristol will be available by 17 May 2017.

To find out your position on the waiting list for these schools please call 0117 903 7694.

To find out your waiting list position for schools outside of Bristol, contact the council where the school is based to find out what you should do.

School Appeals Information

For the schools below, return your written grounds of appeal by 23 May 2017 to this address:

School Admissions (Parkview Office Campus)
Bristol City Council
PO Box 3176

Air Balloon Hill Primary
Ashley Down Primary
Bishop Road Primary
Blaise Primary
Brentry Primary
Bridge Farm Primary
Broomhill Infant School
Brunel Field Primary School
Cabot Primary
Elmlea Infants
Fair Furlong Primary
Filton Avenue Primary School
Fishponds Academy
Henleaze Infants
Hillcrest Primary
Holymead Primary
Horfield CofE VC Primary
Ilminster Avenue E-Act Academy
Knowle Park Primary
Little Mead Primary Academy
Oasis Academy New Oak
School of Christ the King
Sea Mills Primary
Sefton Park Infants
Southville Primary School
St Anne's Infants
St Barnabas CE Primary School
St Johns CofE VC Primary
St Mary Redcliffe C of E VC Primary
St Peter's Church of England VC Primary
St Ursula's E-Act Academy
St. Werburgh’s Primary
Stoke Bishop Church of England Primary
Victoria Park Primary
Wansdyke Primary
Waycroft Academy
West Town Lane Academy
Westbury Park Primary
Westbury-on-Trym C of E Academy
Whitehall Primary

For all other schools in Bristol, please return your written grounds of appeal to the school by 23 May 2017. 

For schools outside Bristol, please contact the Local Authority where the school is situated for guidance.

Change of address and Reception Admission in September 2017

If you've recently moved address, or are in the process of moving then visit our school admissions page for advice.

Information for applying for a primary school place

Before applying for a new reception primary school place you should read the following information below.

If you're applying for a catholic primary school, check if the admission policy is in the list in the ‘Correction to the guide’ section.

Guide for applying for a primary school place

This guide provides essential information on the different types of school and how to apply:

Guide for parents and carers on applying for a primary school place for the school year 2017 to 2018 (pdf, 4MB) (opens new window)  

Correction to the guide

This is a correction to information on page 96 of the ‘guide for parents and carers’ regarding number of appeals lodged for SS Peter and Paul RC VA Primary School

Number of appeals lodged: 0
Number of appeals heard: 0
Number of appeals upheld: 0

See the links below for admission policies for the following schools for 2017/18.The below replaces information published in the booklet 'guide for parents and carers'.

Primary schools A to Z guides

Map for nearest primary school

Find your nearest school (new window) - you'll need your postcode

Furthest distance table

This gives the furthest distance that places were offered in previous years where schools were oversubscribed

The furthest distance table (pdf, 301k) (opens new window) (pdf, 62k) (opens new window)

Supplementary information forms

If you're applying to any of the schools below you should complete their supplementary information form:

Cathedral Primary School online form
Fishponds religious supplementary form (pdf, 180k) (opens new window)
School of Christ the King supplementary form (pdf, 94k) (opens new window)
SS. Peter and Paul supplementary form (pdf, 138k) (opens new window)
St. Bernadette Primary supplementary form (pdf, 230k) (opens new window)

This is in addition to the completion of a Common Application Form (CAF) which all applicants must complete.

For other year groups you should make an In Year application

Timetable for co-ordinated primary admissions for academic year 2017/2018

For the timetable for co-ordinated primary admissions for academic year 2017/2018 please see the document ‘Co-ordinated Reception Scheme 2017/18’ in the Downloadable Files section of the Admission Arrangements page on this website.

Contact information

School admissions

Bristol City Council

PO Box 3176

Bristol, BS3 9FS

Opening Hours

Opening Hours

Telephones: 9am - 5pm Monday to Thursday and 9am - 4.30pm Friday.

Closed Wednesday until 12noon for staff training.


Tel: 0117 903 7694