New reception primary school place

New reception primary school place

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Apply for a new reception primary place

Apply online for a new reception school place for September 2022

Application timetable for new reception place

When to apply, dates for offers, and appeals for new reception primary place for September 2022

Change your reception place application

How and when you can make changes to your reception place application

Information about Bristol primary schools

Find a primary school, admission arrangements, how places were allocated in previous years and furthest distance table

Starting school later: reception class

Delayed school start if your child is not ready to go to school in the September of the school year in which they are 5 years old

Reception school place offer

How and when we tell you about a new reception primary place offer

Respond to a reception school place offer

What to do when you have a new reception primary school place offer and when you need to do it

Go on a primary school waiting list

Get your child's name added to a waiting list and how long the waiting list is kept for

Allocation of new primary places for September 2022

Allocation statements and appeal templates for new primary school places for September 2022 will be published 19 April 2022.