Primary admissions

Primary admissions

Apply for a new reception primary school place for September 2019

If your child was born between 1 September 2014 and 31 August 2015. You must apply for a new reception school place. 


Apply online for a reception place for Sept 2019

If you're applying online you'll need to register for an account on our online admissions system when you make your application to apply for a school place.

If you made an online school application before September 2017 you'll need to register again before making an application. This is because of a change in online provider.

Other ways to apply

Fill in and return primary application form September 2019 (pdf, 708KB) (opens new window)  .

Application deadlines

The final date for making an on time application is 15 January 2019.

The final date to make changes to an application made by 15 January 2019 is 25 January 2019.

Changes to an application include:

  • Changing the order of school preferences
  • Confirming a change of address
  • Confirming a sibling link at your preferred school(s)

Applications or changes to current applications made after 15 January 2019  will be processed after the second round of allocations has been completed.  

The second round of allocations will take place  in June 2019.  

Please respond in writing by post or email  at to offers made in the second round of allocations.  Responses to offers cannot be made online.

Information about primary schools

Before you apply:

For other year groups you should make an In Year application

Amendment to the guide for parents and carers

Admission to Filton Avenue Primary School

The home to school distance will be measured in a direct line from a point on the home address to outside the Executive Head Teacher’s office door. 

This replaces the text under the heading ‘Geography’ on page 46 of the guide for parents and carers.

Admissions to Fonthill Primary Academy,  Henbury Court Academy and Little Mead Primary Academy

The definition of sibling for school admissions purposes is defined as follows:

  • Local Siblings living up to a maximum of two miles from the academy measured in a direct line from the home address to the school.
  • Siblings living over two miles from the academy measured in a direct line from the home address to the school, where the academy is still the nearest school.

This text replaces that information provided in the guide for parents and carers.

Supplementary information forms

You must complete a supplementary information form as well as the Bristol City Council application form for the schools below.  Contact these schools for a supplementary information form:

How we tell you about an offer of a place

All on-time applications for a primary/infant school place, if you applied by:

  • post then we'll send you an offer by first class post on 16 April 2019
  • email and opted to be contacted by email, then we'll send you an email on 16 April 2019
  • online portal, you will receive a notification message on your portal account on 16 April 2019

Offers for late applications for a primary/infant place will be sent to you  in early June 2019.

For security reasons we can't:

  • tell you about an offer by phone
  • send responses to email addresses not provided prior to the offer date
  • send via email if you applied using a paper form

What to do when you have a school place offer

Parents and carers must reply within a week of receiving an offer.

You should either:

  • accept the place by logging in to the admissions system and placing a tick in the ‘accept’ box, before clicking send response.
  • not accept the place and ask to go on a waiting list for a school that you applied for but did not get offered a place.  
  • not accept the place and request an appeal for your preferred school.
  • not accept the place and request new school preferences.
  • not accept the place and advise us that the place is no longer required e.g your child will be attending an independent school.

Waiting lists

If you ask to go on a waiting list for your preferred school your original place offer will be held for you.

Schools will keep a waiting list at least one term until 31 December 2019.

Timetable for co-ordinated primary admissions for academic year 2018/19

See timetable for co-ordinated reception primary admissions for academic year 2019/20 (word doc, 246KB) (opens new window) .

Contact information

School admissions

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Opening Hours

Opening Hours

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Closed Wednesday until 12noon for staff training.


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