Secondary admissions

Second Round of Allocations: Year 7 for September 2016

If you made an application for secondary school, or made amendments to an existing application after the 31 October 2015, a letter will be sent on 6 May 2016 by first class post giving you the outcome of your application.

If you've lodged an appeal for a school place you'll receive 10 days’ notice of the date, time and venue of the hearing from the Clerk to the Independent Appeals Panel.

Where a young person is on a waiting list for a school, we'll contact you in writing if a school place can be offered

Important reminder for Secondary 2016 admissions: second round of allocations

The deadline for making an application, or changes to an application already made is 5pm on Thursday 14 April 2016.

If you move house, you must contact School Admissions straight away by emailing or ringing 0117 903 7694.

We'll tell you what documents are needed to confirm your new address. All documentation must be received by School Admissions by 5pm on Thursday 14 April 2016.

Applications for Year 7 Secondary school entry in September 2016

If your child was born between 1 September 2004 and 31 August 2005 you must apply for a  new Year 7 Secondary school entry place. 

The closing date for secondary transfer applications was midnight on 31 October 2015. You can’t apply online now.

You can still make an application by printing out the Secondary application form (pdf) (pdf, 234k) (opens new window) and posting it to School Admissions (Romney House), PO Box 3176, Bristol BS3 9FS.

We’ll consider all applications received after 31 October 2015 in the second round of allocations in May 2016. 

For other year groups you should make an In Year application.

Find out about studio schools and university technical colleges, which offer practical and academic learning for 14 to 19 year olds.

Information about Secondary schools

Before applying for a new Year 7 Secondary school place you should read the following information: 

Send your written grounds of appeal to School Admissions at School Admissions (Romney House), Bristol City Council, PO Box 3176, Bristol, BS3 9SF as soon as possible for the following schools.

  • Ashton Park School
  • Bristol Brunel Academy
  • Bristol Free School
  • Bristol Metropolitan Academy
  • Cotham School
  • Oasis Academy John Williams
  • Redland Green School

For all other schools in Bristol, please return your written grounds of appeal to the school.   For schools outside Bristol, please contact Local Authority where the school is situated for guidance.

Allocation statements and appeal information

The following schools are full for admission to Year 7 in September 2016. Information on how places were allocated is available below.



North Somerset

South Gloucestershire

Second Round Allocation Statements

Some local authorities outside Bristol have not advised us yet of the outcome of applications for schools in their area. If you've not received a letter by 11 May 2016 please contact us for guidance.

South Gloucestershire

Waiting list for transfer from Primary to Secondary education in September 2016

Your right to appeal does not affect your right to go on the waiting list for any school that you applied for but did not get offered a place.  The Admission Authority must keep a waiting list for at least one term. 

Waiting lists for the following schools will be available by 4 April 2016:

  • Ashton Park School
  • Bristol Brunel Academy
  • Bristol Free School
  • Bristol Metropolitan Academy
  • Cotham School
  • Oasis Academy John Williams
  • Redland Green School

To find out what your position on the waiting list for one of these schools is, call 0117 903 7694.

To find out your waiting list position for other schools in Bristol, contact the school directly.

To find out your waiting list position for schools outside of Bristol, contact the council where the school is based to find out what you should do.

Timetable for Co-ordinated Secondary Admissions for Academic Year 2016/2017

31 October 2015

Closing date for all applications.

Week commencing 16 November 2015

Bristol Local Authority sends details of applications received for schools in other Local Authorities to the relevant Local Authority.

By 23 November 2015

Bristol Local Authority sends details of applications received to schools.

By 9 January 2016

Schools send lists of the pupils to be offered and/or refused places to local Authority.

By 9 February 2016

Bristol Local Authority to inform other Local Authorities of the outcome of applications made by their residents for schools within Bristol.

By 26 February 2016

Bristol schools informed by Bristol Local Authority of final offers up to the Admission Number.  Schools will not notify parents of the outcome.

Posted 1st class 1 March 2016

Single offer of a school place made for children resident in Bristol, including offers on behalf of other Local Authorities and own admission authority schools.

By 15 March 2016

Parents to respond to offers made.

By 15 April 2016

Bristol Local Authority informs schools of offers accepted.

18 March 2016 and 18 April 2016

As far as possible, details of late applications, on time applicants still seeking a place at their preferred schools and of places not accepted to be exchanged between Local Authorities.

6 May 2016

Second round of allocations to be made.

Deadline for appeals to be lodged for appeals presented by Bristol City Council School Admissions

June 2016

Appeals commence.