The HOPE Virtual School

The HOPE Virtual School

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Guide to the HOPE Virtual School

What is The HOPE school, what we do and how we can help you

How carers can support the education of children in care

Includes information on Personal Education Plans, attendance and keeping in touch with your child's school

How schools can support young people in care

Information for designated teachers, head teachers, governors and anybody working in a school with children in care.

Information for social care staff

Information on the social worker's role in supporting education

Personal Education Plans

Information on Personal Education Plans or PEP forms

Pupil Premium for children in care

Information about Pupil Premium for early years and school-age children in care

The HOPE projects

The range of activities and projects run by, or run in partnership with the HOPE

News from the HOPE

Includes The HOPE briefing and newsletter

Contact The HOPE virtual school

Contact details for The HOPE, Bristol's virtual school

Guidance, policies and procedures

Children in Care guidance documents and policies of the HOPE virtual school

Previously looked after children

Information for education settings, parents, carers and guardians