Market position statements


One of the responsibilities of local authorities under The Care Act 2014 is to produce market position statements.  They're aimed at existing and new providers of care services. 

What they do is to:

  • set out how we see our population changing and
  • what their care needs may be into the future. 

The position statements look at both changing needs and the services that we want to see developing to meet those needs.

We aim to use market position statements to work with providers and other partners to make sure the right services are in place.  We do this through one off market events and in our regular provider forums that cover a variety of care services.

Market position statements will also be closely linked with the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA).  This is a statutory duty for our Public Health Department and covers changing demographics and needs as well as setting out wider wellbeing issues for Bristol.

See our current market position statements (or equivalent) below.

Care home market position statement

Care homes take time to develop and are a key care option for citizens with more complex needs.  We know that there are some capacity issues, particularly for dementia. 

With care homes we are developing the market and in the process of commissioning three new care homes for dementia where we'll work in partnership with an independent provider to design, build and operate the homes. 

The adult commissioning team are in the process of updating the care home market position statement. The latest document will be uploaded to the website in due course.

Accommodation strategy

Supported accommodation is where people with some needs (mostly learning difficulty and mental health) can live as independently as possible and supported by either:

  • live-in support workers or
  • visiting staff.  

It can be a much better option than some traditional residential care and is also a way of developing capacity in accommodation/residential services. 

Accommodation strategy (pdf, 443 KB) (opens new window) (pdf, 443k) (opens new window)

Home care

We're not formally developing a market position statement for home care as the services are being re-commissioned. 

The way we're re-commissioning these services will address some of the issues we've identified. After the start of the new services we'll review the position and publish a new market position statement in 2016.

Our cabinet report for the 5 December 2013 gives more information on the home care tender.

Extra care housing

Extra care housing (ECH) are schemes where more frail older people live in their own flats in complexes which provide communal facilities with access to 24 hour care. We work with providers to deliver 615 units at affordable rents. 

There are other schemes providing similar services but the housing units are for private sale. 

We carried out a market analysis that gave approval for an extra 222 affordable rent (and shared ownership) to be supported over the next ten years.  It also recognised the need/demand for an extra 700 units of private sale units.  This is now being delivered through a variety of different schemes. 

Appendix 2 of the cabinet report gives further details about the market analysis.