What a Personal Education Plan (PEP) is, what happens at a PEP meeting, PEP reviews and PEP forms.

Personal Education Plans

A Personal Education Plan (PEP) is a record of how a young person is doing in their education, including their attendance. All children in care need a PEP from the age of 2, if they're in education, to the age of 18. The PEP is reviewed regularly as part of the child's care plan in line with the Child in Care review.

PEP meetings

PEP meetings are an opportunity for you to find out how the child is doing at school and how any funding they get is being spent.

You'll need to organise the meetings and invite everyone who should come.

As the lead professional for the child's care plan, you must be at the meeting for it to be a PEP meeting. If you can't go, your social work team must send another social worker. If they can't, you must reschedule the meeting.

Make sure you arrange the meeting well in advance so all the relevant people can be there.

Before the PEP meeting

Before you go to the PEP meeting you should:

  • read the current forms and guidance
  • talk to the child and make sure they've had time to fill in the relevant sections of the PEP form
  • fill in your sections of the PEP form
  • make sure you have all the relevant paperwork, such as a copy of the child's last PEP form
  • be ready to update on any actions from the last meeting that you were responsible for

What the child thinks is really important. If they can't go to the meeting, they can choose someone to go through the form with them before the meeting so their views are represented.

The PEP meeting

The school writes up the PEP form. The school representative may also chair the meeting. Every section of the PEP form should be completed.

Questions to ask at PEP meetings

You should ask the school how the young person is doing in their education. pdf Here are some questions you could ask (238 KB) .

After the PEP meeting

The school must send the completed form to everyone at the meeting.

You must:

  • check the child's Independent Reviewing Officer has a copy of the latest PEP form for the child in care (CiC) Review
  • upload the PEP form to the Liquidlogic Children's System (LCS)
  • carry out your actions
  • keep in touch with the child, carer, school and The HOPE to make sure the PEP is up to date before the next meeting

If you think any actions on the PEP form aren't being done you can:

  • talk to the person responsible for that action
  • discuss it at the PEP review meeting
  • raise it at the next PEP meeting

PEP reviews

The designated teacher reviews the PEP each term to make sure it's up to date with the child's current educational progress and needs. The young person, their social worker and their carer are also involved in the review.

Example PEP forms

Information about PEPs for all ages, examples of good PEP forms and Bristol's PEP forms.

Information about education funding

We also have information about Pupil Premium and the 16 to 19 Bursary Fund.

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