Upload evidence to support a benefit claim

Send us documents that support your Housing Benefit or Council Tax Reduction claim.

Before you start

If you're sending documents because you've had a change of circumstances, please make sure that you've reported this change before you submit your evidence.

Tell us about a change of circumstances

Don't use this form if you've been asked to supply original documents. You'll need to visit our Citizen Service Point.

It's useful to have

  • your claim reference number, you'll find this on any letters we've sent
  • access to a smartphone, tablet/iPad or scanner, so you can upload documents to the form

Upload evidence to support a claim 

How long it should take

If you’re providing evidence for a new housing benefit or council tax reduction, you should hear back from us within 21 days.

If you’re providing evidence because of a change of circumstance, you should hear back from us within 21 days.

Other ways to get documents to us

Post: Housing Benefits (100TS), Bristol City Council, PO Box 3176, Bristol, BS3 9FS.

In person:  At our Citizen Service Point