Send us documents that support your Housing Benefit or Council Tax Reduction claim.

Before you start

If you're sending documents because you've had a change of circumstances, please make sure that you've reported this change before you submit your evidence.

Tell us about a change of circumstances

It's useful to have

  • your claim reference number, you'll find this on any letters we've sent
  • access to a smartphone, tablet/iPad or scanner, so you can upload documents to the form

Upload evidence to support a claim 

How to send documents 

You can send us:

  • a saved image or document
  • a scan or photo of a printed document

Files should be no more than 5MB.

Guidance for scans or photos

If you have an Android or Apple smartphone or tablet, you can download an app for scanning documents, such as Adobe Scan or TapScanner.

Make sure:

  • you only scan or photograph one document at a time
  • the text of the document is easy to read in your scan or photo
  • your scan or photo shows the whole document, with no text cut off
  • you take photos of documents in good light

How long it should take

If youre providing evidence for a new housing benefit or council tax reduction, you should hear back from us within 21 days.

If youre providing evidence because of a change of circumstance, you should hear back from us within 21 days.

Other ways to get documents to us

Currently, you need to provide evidence to us online. If you cant provide it online, well use the information that youve provided to make an assessment without additional evidence. We may ask you to provide this to us at a future date.