Apply for an emergency payment

Apply for an emergency payment

What an emergency payment is, who is eligible and how to apply

Emergency payments

Emergency payments are one off awards of supermarket vouchers that can be used to buy food, clothing and other essentials.  

You won't have to pay anything back.

You can apply if you:

  • live within the Bristol City Council area
  • have a one off financial crisis, such as your benefits not being paid or losing your job, that means you have no money for food
  • have no other means of support through family, friends or donations

You can apply for 2  emergency payments within 12 months for separate situations. We may consider further applications in exceptional circumstances. If you make repeat applications, we'll refer you to other services such as money or debt advice. 

Whether we make a payment depends on the information you give us in your application, so make sure you answer all questions and give as much detail as possible.

We don’t:

  • make cash payments
  • cover moving costs, travel expenses or rent

Local crisis prevention fund policy (pdf, 235KB) (opens new window)

School Uniforms

Applications for help with school uniform are taken online only.

Help will be in the form of Tesco vouchers issued for clothing. You can also use these vouchers for food, to help you budget for branded school clothing from other retailers.

We'll make a decision on your claim within 10 working days and if you are successful your award will be posted to you.

How to apply

Apply for an emergency payment

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You may need to give evidence of your situation. We'll check details of your claim with the Department of Work and Pensions and other council departments.

What happens next

If we get your application by 12noon we'll call, text or email by 5pm the same working day to tell you your application result.

You'll be able to collect your payment from the Citizen Service Point at 100 Temple Street the next working day.  You'll need to bring ID.

Privacy statement

Read our privacy statement and our Local Crisis and Prevention Fund privacy notice (pdf, 100KB) (opens new window)  to see what we do with your personal information.