Coronavirus (COVID-19): changes to waste services

Coronavirus: changes to waste services

Which waste services have been suspended, which are running as usual and what to do with coronavirus waste.

Household waste and recycling centres closed

Our household waste and recycling centres at Avonmouth and St Philips are now closed. This is for the safety of our crews and the public. Taking waste to a recycling centre isn’t included in the reasons for leaving home in the new government guidance.

Business Waste Transfer Station open

The Avonmouth Business Waste Transfer Station will stay open for commercial, charged-for waste. You must:

New bin or recycling box orders suspended

We’re not taking new orders for new bins or recycling boxes.

If you don’t have the correct bin or box, you should:

  • separate your recycling by type (cans, plastics, card, paper, glass) and put it in untied bags, we can’t take bags of mixed recycling
  • put waste that can’t be recycled in tied bin bags and put them on the kerbside on your usual collection day

Garden waste collections suspended

Green garden waste bin collections will be suspended from Monday 30 March. We’ll extend your subscription to the service to make up for the missed collections.

Garden waste sack collections will be suspended from Monday 30 March. This includes collections you've already booked.

We’re not taking orders for garden waste sacks.

Where possible, please compost garden waste at home.

Bulky waste collections suspended

We’re not taking new bookings for bulky waste collections.

Collections that have already been booked and paid for will still take place.

Waste and recycling collection services running as usual

Thanks to the dedication and commitment of our crews, our waste and recycling collection services are running as usual.

To avoid placing extra strain on our crews, you should:

  • delay projects that might generate extra waste or recycling
  • avoid putting extra waste in the black wheelie bin
  • sort your recycling properly

Coronavirus waste

Before you put items such as used tissues and disposable cleaning cloths in your black bin, you should:

  • double-bag them, tying the bags securely
  • keep them separate from other waste for 72 hours before putting them out for collection