We recommend that customers wear face coverings, unless exempt, in our shop. We'll also continue to provide hand sanitiser at our entrances and exits.

You can recycle your old plastic pots and trays when our shop is open.

The pots and trays must be:

  • made of the plastic that we sell in the shop
  • as clean as possible 

We have a labelled crate in the polytunnels for you to put your pots and trays in.

All the plastic will be collected by Desch Plantpak and recycled into new pots and trays.

Plastic we recycle

Our pots are made of:

  • Polypropylene (PP): usually with the number 5, three arrows and the letters PP written on it
  • Polystyrene (PS): usually with the number 6, three arrows and the letters PS written on it