What is the Bristol Eating Better Award, how it works, who can apply.

What the Bristol Eating Better Award is

The Bristol Eating Better Award is a free award for food businesses and schools and early years caterers and providers that offer healthier food options and promote sustainability.

Food brings people together, and we want to make sure that communities can connect in a healthy and sustainable way. This doesn't mean banning food or certain cooking methods. It means variation, balance and plenty of choice.

The types of awards

We have 3 awards:

What you'll need to do to get an award

The award is about:

  • making small changes that create a big impact
  • offering healthier alternatives
  • taking steps to be more sustainable

The actions will make you think about the food you serve and products you buy. Example actions include:

  • selling low sugar drinks
  • lowering sugar, salt and fat in your products
  • offering healthy snacks
  • offering a choice of salad, vegetables or fruit with all meals
  • reducing and monitoring your food waste
  • buying locally sourced foods
  • encouraging customers to use re-useable cups and containers

We won't ask you to completely change what you do or sell. We'll ask you what you've already done, or could do, to make your food healthier and be more sustainable. 

Benefits of making small changes to your business

You'll save money

  • Offering smaller portions can reduce your costs and increase your profits.
  • Using less oil and salt and fewer meat products can reduce overall menu costs.

You'll attract new customers

  • Consumer demand for healthier and more sustainable food choices is rising.
  • Consumer desire for inspiring and exciting healthy foods is rising.
  • Customers are increasingly looking for specific dietary ranges, including gluten free and vegan.

Source: YouGov Go to https://yougov.co.uk/topics/consumer/articles-reports/2021/04/29/global-willingness-pay-for-sustainability (opens new window)

Bristol City Council contracts

Bristol City Council's (BCC) pdf Healthy and Sustainable Procurement Policy (219 KB)  explains how the different levels of BEBA apply to food and catering contracts: