What the food environment specialist award is and what your school needs to do to achieve it.

About the food environment specialist award

The food environment specialist award gives advice on food, drink and nutrition in schools. Supporting children to eat and drink healthily has a positive impact on their health throughout their lives.

The award includes guidance on:

  • having a dedicated member of school staff to work improving school food provision
  • providing healthy food at school
  • creating a food policy
  • the teaching of cooking and growing 

What you school needs to do to achieve the award

You must make changes in your school to improve the food environment. This could include:

  • changes to the school's culture
  • changes to the school's physical environment
  • making improvements to the curriculum 
  • investing in leadership and training

You must complete the award within 1 year.

Use our online system to:

  • see the award criteria and guidance 
  • tell us you're starting to work towards a specialist award
  • send us evidence of your work
  • track your progress
  • submit your finished work

Go to the online system

Download the pdf award criteria (248 KB) .

Guidance and resources

We have:

After you achieve the award

We'll send you:

  • a certificate
  • awards logos to use on your website or letterheads