What we charge a fee for, what it covers and when you need to pay it.

The licence fee covers the work that we have to carry out on a standard application and monitoring of the property during the licence period. 

The amount:

  • depends on the type of licence you're applying for
  • is per property being licensed

The licence fee is split into two payments. You pay:

  • part one when you submit your application 
  • part two when we confirm we'll issue a licence 

The application form works out your Part one payment. Part one is the application fee, which covers the cost of processing the licence.

We work out the Part two payment when we assess your application and apply any extra charges or discounts. This charge covers the costs of the licensing scheme during the period of the licence. You pay it when we issue a licence. 

A licence usually lasts for up to five years from the date we issue the licence.

How to pay the property licensing fee

You must pay the first part of the licence fee by credit or debit card with your application. 

You pay part two online by credit or debit card when we've processed the application.

We'll make reasonable adjustments for a disabled person (for example, with a sensory impairment) and older people who are digitally excluded. 

Email private.housing@bristol.gov.uk to discuss any accessibility requirements in using this payment method.


Registered charities operating and managing properties are exempt from a licence fee. But you still need to apply for a licence, and meet all standards and conditions