Fees and discounts for HMO mandatory licences.

What an HMO is

A property is a house in multiple occupation (HMO) if both of the following apply:

  • at least 3 tenants live there, forming more than 1 household
  • there are shared facilities e.g toilet, bathroom or kitchen facilities

A property is subject to mandatory licensing if its occupied by five or more people living in two more separate households.

Read more about what we mean by a household.

Standard fee for a new HMO licence

The fee for a new licence is £1420. This is split into:

  • £468 for payment one
  • £952 for payment two

Standard fee for a licence renewal

The renewal fee is £1100. This is split into:

  • £363 for payment one
  • £737 for payment two 

Extra charges 

Additional household costs

Where there are more than five households we charge an extra £50 per household. This is to cover:

  • the extra time we need for inspection
  • additional fire safety requirements

Unlicensed property charges apply if you're renting a property that needs a licence and we find it to be unlicensed.

Licence discounts

Rent with confidence scheme

To qualify for the £50 licence fee Rent with Confidence (RWC) discount, licence holders or managers of licensed properties must have the accredited level of membership with one of the RWC approved providers when you apply for a licence.

This scheme isn't managed by the council. Contact the Rent with Confidence approved providers directly. You can find a list of approved contractors on the West of England Rental Standard website.

As the applicant, it's your responsibility to prove RWC membership. If you can't provide evidence of qualifying membership by the deadline for Part 2 payment, the licence holder isn't eligible for reward.

Safety and performance certificates

Within three months of the licence being issued we need to see copies of the propertys:

  • gas safety certificate 
  • electricity installation condition report (EICR)
  • energy performance certificate(EPC)

You either get:

  • a £150 discount on the part two payment if you give us satisfactory copies of the documents before we issue the proposed licence
  • or a £150 refund if you give us satisfactory copies within three months of the full licence being issued

Check if you need a licence and apply

You can check if you need a licence and apply on our apply for a property licence page